Our Mission is Simple

Share our passion for skateboarding and encourage young riders to experience its transformative powers.

Our Vision is Clear

Positively impact the lives in our community with a safe space for recreational activity promoting creativity, improving well-being, and providing a hub for community.

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“Skateboarding has the power to ignite passion and creativity in young people. It’s a love that transcends beyond the skatepark, and it’s changing lives for the better.” – Tony Hawk

Skateboarding Will Test Your Limits and Push the Boundaries to the Max

Be Prepared To Experience The New Adventures

With extreme sports enjoy the faster speeds and climb tall heights

Be Prepared To Experience The New Adventures

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Make an impact! When you choose a local business that supports the skatepark you empower youth. You are directly supporting initiatives that shape the lives of young individuals and foster a strong community spirit.

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We are deeply passionate about skateboarding and believe in its power to inspire, challenge, and bring people together. Keep up with the events and information in our Skateboard News.


SC Skateparks currently in operation


6.4 million skateboarders in the US


Between the ages of 12-17


Thousands of skatepark advocates worldwide

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Letters of Support

We are proud to support the exemplary community efforts towards programming in Irmo, SC. This letter is in support of the community group’s efforts to provide enrichment activities for the youth.

Andre Taylor

The Skatepark Project- the Tony Hawk Foundation

The Greater Irmo Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer strong support for the Friarsgate Skate Park. This new amenity will attract visitors and it adds to the vitality of the neighborhood.

Kerry Powers

President/ CEO Greater Irmo Chamber

Skateboarding is a healthy activity that can be shared by all, as well as provide a safe space for our youth in Irmo. The park will promote area businesses by keeping money in the Irmo community and attract skateboard tourism.

Chip Huggins

South Carolina House of Representatives