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Skateboarding has emerged as a powerful force that has positive economic impacts.

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Economic Generator

Skateparks often draw visitors from neighboring areas or even further afield. Skaters and their families may travel to experience different skatepark facilities, contributing to the local economy through spending on accommodation, dining, and other amenities.

  • Proximity to skateparks can be advantageous for local businesses.

  • Hosting skateboarding events at the park can be a significant source of revenue

  • Skateparks often serve as hubs for local communities

  • Showcases a positive atmosphere in the community

Nurturing Development

Skateparks can be much more than just recreational spaces. They can be catalysts for economic growth, community development, and a vibrant local culture.

Skateboarding often brings people together, fostering a sense of community. In underserved areas, where resources may be scarce, the skateboarding community can provide a support network. The shared passion for skating becomes a common ground for building relationships and connections.

Skateboarding fosters relationships not only among skaters but also between skaters and the broader community. Positive interactions between skaters and local residents can break down stereotypes and build understanding, creating a more cohesive neighborhood.

feel the excitement

Skatepark Committee

David Toole
David TooleBusinessman
Lifelong skateboarder and owner of Bluetile skateboards in five points, Columbia South Carolina.
Ben Brawley
Ben BrawleySocial Media Coordinator
Ben actively participates in community involvement and outreach initiatives, striving to make a positive impact and strengthen ties within the organization’s network.

Christina Sequoia
Christina SequoiaMarketing and Research Coordinator
Christina is a yoga instructor and is passionate about roller skating, hiking, and spending time with their two kids.
Thomas HartmannCommittee Member
Thomas is an engineer who has combined his love of skateboarding with his passion for design and fabrication.