Article appeared on WLTX19 on October 19, 2023

Skatepark Approved

An 8,500 square foot skate park is set to begin construction in Irmo. Town council met Tuesday night to approve the project.

Friarsgate Skate Park fundraising organizer Marie Ryan helps with an after-school program that teaches 80 kids a week how to skate, providing boards, helmets, and pads at no cost.

Several kids in the program told News19 they were excited to learn at a real skate park instead of the church parking lot.

“Skateboarding doesn’t have rules. You can do it however you want … It taught me how to be brave,” third grader Ethan Estrada said.

“These kids that are learning skills such as determination and resilience…[they’re learning ] that falling isn’t failing.” Ryan adds.

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