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Challenge Yourself and Push the Limits

The nature of skateboarding requires skaters to learn on their own and develop strategies to succeed. Skaters frequently perform a trick hundreds of times over long periods before developing proficiency or experiencing reward for the effort. Skaters in the study reported that they apply these lessons of resillence to their lives outside of skateboarding.

– Tony Hawk

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Skateboarding and skateparks facilitate a sense of community among skaters

Skateboarders reported the value of connecting with people who share similar passions in skateparks, skate shops, and skating events. Those encounters often facilitate intercultural communication and offer skaters the opportunity to interact with and gain an increased understanding of, skaters of diverse racial, age, and gender backgrounds.

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Letters of Support

We are proud to support the exemplary community efforts towards programming in Irmo, SC. This letter is in support of the community group’s efforts to provide enrichment activities for the youth. Thank you for your contribution to your community as great role models.

Andre Taylor

he Skatepark Project- the Tony Hawk Foundation

The Greater Irmo Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer strong support for the Friarsgate Skate Park. This new amenity will attract visitors and it adds to the vitality of the neighborhood.

Kerry Powers

President/ CEO Greater Irmo Chamber

Skateboarding is a healthy activity that can be shared by all, as well as provide a safe space for our youth in Irmo. The park will promote area businesses by keeping money in the Irmo community and attract skateboard tourism.

Chip Huggins

South Carolina House of Representatives